O homem insensato rico

Era uma vez um homem rico. Seu nome era Dawodu e ele era de fato tão próspera que foi feito a um chefe em sua cidade. Mas Chefe Dawodu também foi muito mal humorado e passou todos os seus dias na malícia. Apesar disso, ele nunca deixou de ir à igreja todos os domingos.

The Lion's dinner

In a certain forest, there lived a lion, and he was the only lion in the forest. As he was getting too old this lion has the thought that going to hunt for food was not a wise thing to do any more. Therefore, he called all the animals in the forest together and addressed them.

Ajantala the terrible child

Once upon a time a woman had a baby boy, and it was a very lovely child. But no sooner had the child been born that he began to speak and to complain.
‘Woe is me; so this is what life is all about. Why was I brought into this world; I never knew that it would be so difficult here. All I can see everywhere is filth and I certainly will not stay long here’

The foolish rich man

There was once a rich man. His name was Dawodu and he was indeed so prosperous that he was made a chief in his town. But Chief Dawodu was also very bad tempered and spent all his days in malice. Despite this he never failed to go to church every Sunday.

The leopard and the traveler

The route of Ojo a traveler took him through a forest. As he got close to a village which was along the way he found a leopard trapped in a steel cage. The cage was a trap had been set by the people living in a nearby village , and the cage had been built in such a way that once an animal got in, it would be unable to get out again unless the cage was opened from outside.
‘Open the door of this horrible cage for me, my good man ‘Leopard desperately pleaded; but Ojo refused. Leopard begged for long, and still Ojo would not open the cage.

The Leopard and the Chimera

Long ago, there was a very strange and cunning creature which looked like a fox, but also had a shell on its back like a tortoise. The animal was called Chimera. Even though it was neither strong nor ferocious all other animals avoided Chimera simply because it was a very deceitful creature.

Femi and Simi in the forest

Once upon a time there lived near a large forest a poor farmer with his wife and two children. The boy was called Femi and the girl Simi , but indeed the woman was their step-mother since their own mother had died years ago. They had always little enough live on, even though not a lot and once, when there was a great famine in the land, the farmer couldn't even provide them with food.


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