The Highway to Johannesburg

A farmer had once a donkey that had served him faithfully for many years, but was now growing old and so was every day getting too easily tired for work. The farmer therefore began to think of killing the donkey so that he wouldn’t need to feed him anymore. But the donkey saw what was being planned for him and quietly sneaked out of the farm and began his journey towards Johannesburg city, which he had always been told was a wonderful place to live in.

العميان السّتة والفيل

العميان السّتة والفيل
يُحكى أن ستّة رجالٍ عميان اعتادوا الوقوف على جانب الطَّريق كُلَّ يوم والتَّسوُل من المارة. وكان هؤلاء الرِّجال قد سمعوا كثيراً عن الفيلة، لكن لم يسبق لهم أبداً رؤيةُ أحدها، فهم عميان.

The Wicked Farmer and the Pigeon

A very unlucky dog had a master who took no care of him, but often let him go hungry for several days. At last the dog could bear it no longer; so he took to his heels, and off he ran, very sad and sorrowful. On the road he met a pigeon.
'Why are you so sad, my friend?' the pigeon asked him.
'Because, I am very hungry, and have nothing to eat.’ the dog replied.

Ali, o astuto contador de estórias

Era uma vez, na cidade de Túnis, um rei que não tinha nada para fazer. Ele se sentava todo dia sobre suas almofadas macias e escutava estórias o dia inteiro. Não se importando que estória fosse, ele nunca se cansava de escutá-la, mesmo que fosse muito longa.
"Só vejo um problema na sua estória," ele costumava dizer: "ela é muito curta."
Todos os contadores de estórias do mundo foram convidados ao seu palácio, e alguns deles contaram estórias realmente longas. Mas o rei sempre ficava triste quando uma estória acabava.

The Sack of Wisdom

There were once two brothers who were both soldiers; Emeka was the rich one; the name of the other was Nkem, and he was poor. Nkem thought he would try to improve his lot; so, he left the army, decided to become instead a farmer, and planted yams.

Kibwe and The Little Tin Drum

A farmer called Mwenye had a faithful and hard-working servant whose name was Kibwe, and, who had worked hard for him for three full years, without having been paid any wages. At last Kibwe decided that he would not go on working without pay any longer; so he went to his master Mwenye , and told him;

The Cat and Mouse Friendship

Once upon a time, a certain cat had made friend with a mouse, and the cat had said so much to the mouse about the great love and friendship she felt for her. Soon after the mouse agreed that they should live together.
'But we must make a provision for the dry season, or else we shall suffer from hunger, and you, little mouse, cannot go everywhere, or you will be caught in a trap some day.' The cat advised.

Kwame et les cadeaux magiques

Il était une fois un garçon du nom de Kwame qui était très malheureux chez lui parce que son père le fouettait sans arrêt ; un jour, il décida de s’enfuir et de tenter sa chance dans le vaste monde.

Amadou, o homem sábio

.Em Timbuktu, Mali, vivia um homem muito sábio cujo nome era Amadou. Vinham homens de todas as regiões para vê-lo e ouvi-lo falar.
Porém, mesmo sendo sábio, tinha modos muito estranhos. Ele acreditava que nenhum homem deveria ter mais coisas do que realmente precisava e que ninguém precisava de muitas coisas. Portanto, ele não vivia numa casa e dormia somente num colchão, o qual enrolava pela manhã e levava consigo a todos os lugares. Passava seus dias sentado sob o sol, dizendo coisas sábias às pessoas que o rodeavam.

The Sword Of Damocles

There was once a king whose name was Dionysius. He was so unjust and cruel that he won for himself the name of tyrant. He knew that almost everybody hated him, and so he was always in dread that someone will try to kill him.
But he was very rich, and he lived in a fine palace where there were many beautiful and costly things, and he was waited upon by a host of servants who were always ready to do whatever he wanted them to do for him. One day a friend of his, whose name was Damocles, said to him,


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