The Sack of Wisdom

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There were once two brothers who were both soldiers; Emeka was the rich one; the name of the other was Nkem, and he was poor. Nkem thought he would try to improve his lot; so, he left the army, decided to become instead a farmer, and planted yams.
When the seed came up, there was one plant bigger than all the rest; and it kept getting larger and larger, and seemed as if it would never stop growing. It could indeed be called the king of yams because nobody had ever seen one so big. At last it was so big that it would fill a cart, and even the tractor could hardly draw it. Nkem the farmer had no idea what to do with it, and no idea whether the huge yam would be a blessing or a curse to him.
'What shall I do with it? If I sell it, it will bring no more money than just any other yam; and as for eating it, the little yams will be better than this. The best thing I believe will be to give it to the king as a mark of respect.’ he one day said to himself.
So Nkem loaded the huge yam on the back of a truck, drove the yam to the king’s house, and there gave it to the king.
'What a wonderful thing!' said the king; 'I have seen many strange things, but never seen such a huge yam. Where did you get the seed, or is it only due to your good luck? If so, you must have been born lucky.'
'Ah, no!' answered Nkem, 'I certainly wasn’t born lucky; I was a poor soldier, who never could get enough to live on; so I set to work, instead as a farmer. I have a brother, who is rich, and your majesty knows him well, and all the people in this town know him; but because I am poor, nobody knows me.'
The king then took pity on him, and said, 'You shall be poor no longer. I will give you so much that you shall be even richer than your brother.' Then the king gave him a lot of money and lands, and made Nkem so



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