The Lion's dinner

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In a certain forest, there lived a lion, and he was the only lion in the forest. As he was getting too old this lion has the thought that going to hunt for food was not a wise thing to do any more. Therefore, he called all the animals in the forest together and addressed them.
“I thank you all for coming, and it shows that you love me and respect me as the king. I am sure that you also know that I am not a wicked king, because even if I have killed some of your relations for dinner you know that it was for no other reason than you are all my food, even as some of you are created to eat leaves, some to eat fruits, some to eat nuts.. Undoubtedly all of you know that I must eat from amongst you everyday but even so I also love you all. I thought it a good idea to ask you all to put heads together and to come to me one at a time, one after the other to be eaten. In this way each of you will know which day they would die, and anyone whose death is near will know how best to spend the rest of their life. Again, you know how loudly I roar when I am hungry, and I am sure that this always makes you all afraid. If you come to me to be eaten my roaring will be unnecessary and there will be peace in the forest”
After Lion had finished there was a long silence. But Wolf soon stood and addressed them all again, saying.
“I am concerned about a few things that the king said, especially the part about the type of food each of as eats; and I think this is very important. My observation is that when it is finally decided how each of you all will go to the king to be eaten, not all should go, because, I definitely as much flesh as the lion, and I eat both from the forest from the villages around. Therefore one third of the animals for eating should come to me and the rest should go to Lion so that there



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