Kibwe and The Little Tin Drum

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A farmer called Mwenye had a faithful and hard-working servant whose name was Kibwe, and, who had worked hard for him for three full years, without having been paid any wages. At last Kibwe decided that he would not go on working without pay any longer; so he went to his master Mwenye , and told him;
'I have worked hard for you a long time; therefore I will wish that you give me what I deserve to have for my toil.' Mwenye was a cheat, and knew that Kibwe was not a very wise person; so he took out three pence, and gave him a penny for every year's work.
Poor Kibwe; he thought three pence was a great deal of money to have, and said to himself,
'Why should I work hard, and live here on bad food and in a bad house any longer? I can now travel into the wide world, and make myself happy.' With that he put his three pence in his pocket, and set out, roaming whichever way he wished.

As he skipped happily along over the fields, singing and dancing, a little dwarf met him, and asked him what made him so merry.
'What should make me sad?' Kibwe replied; 'I have good health and I am rich in pocket, what should I care for? I have saved up my three years' earnings and have it all safe in my pocket.'
'How much do those earnings come to?' said the little man.
'Full three pence,' replied Kibwe.
'I wish you would give them to me,' said the dwarf; 'I am very poor.'
Hearing this, Kibwe pitied the dwarf, and gave him all he had.
'As you have such a kind and honest heart, I will grant you three wishes—one for every penny; so choose whatever you like.' the little dwarf said in return. Kibwe rejoiced at his good luck, and said,
'I will like these things better than money: first, a bow that will bring down everything I shoot at; secondly, a little tin drum that will make everyone dance whenever I play it; and thirdly, I would like that everyone should grant what I ask.' The dwarf said he should have his three wishes; so he



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