The Highway to Johannesburg

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A farmer had once a donkey that had served him faithfully for many years, but was now growing old and so was every day getting too easily tired for work. The farmer therefore began to think of killing the donkey so that he wouldn’t need to feed him anymore. But the donkey saw what was being planned for him and quietly sneaked out of the farm and began his journey towards Johannesburg city, which he had always been told was a wonderful place to live in.
‘There, I shall become a great musician’ the donkey hoped as he walked on along the highway. After he had travelled a little way, he saw a dog lying by the roadside and looking so tired.
'Why are you looking so distressed, my friend?' asked the donkey.
'A horrible thing happened to me. My master was going to knock me on the head, because I am old and weak, and can no longer make myself useful to him as a hunting dog; so I ran away; but what can I do to earn my livelihood?' replied the dog.
'Listen; I am going to Johannesburg city to become a musician. Will you go with me and maybe you can also do the same?' the donkey asked.
‘Certainly; that sounds more sensible than waiting here to die’, the dog replied; and together they continued the journey along the highway to Johannesburg. They had not gone far before they saw a cat sitting in the middle of the road and looking so sad.
'Hello, my good lady, what's the matter with you? You look so dejected!' Said the donkey,
‘It is terrible; how can one be happy when one's life is in danger? Because I am beginning to grow old, and all I do most of the day is just lie on the floor instead of running about the house after the mice, my owner planned to drown me in a pond. I have been lucky to escape from her, but then who will take care of me ?, the cat sorrowfully replied.
‘In that case by all means go with us to Johannesburg city. You sing very well in the night and you can make your fortune as a musician.’ the



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