The foolish rich man

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There was once a rich man. His name was Dawodu and he was indeed so prosperous that he was made a chief in his town. But Chief Dawodu was also very bad tempered and spent all his days in malice. Despite this he never failed to go to church every Sunday.
One Sunday morning while the choir was singing, and the organ playing so beautifully, they came to the chorus part of a very sweet hymn which Chief Dawodu loved so much, but he did not know what the chorus was about because the song was in a language which he did not understand. So he turned to the persons sitting next to him.
‘What does that chorus say?’ he asked.
His neighbour was very pleased to be of assistance.
‘The song says ‘He removes the mighty from the throne, and he lifts up the poor’, the neighbour told him.
And when Chief Dawodu heard this, he was very angry. So angry was he that he wished he had a gun to shoot the organist, or a sword to kill the entire choir.
‘Remind me when church is over to teach these fools a lesson that they will never forget for the rest of their lives’, he said. ‘Now I know why they sing songs in a language that I do not understand just to insult me. Who is mightier than me in this town or for miles beyond? Does God not have his kingdom up there in heaven and I mine here on earth. I am not able to remove God from his throne, and neither can he remove me from mine.’

And when God heard all that Dawodu had said, He smiled and said to one of the angels that stood around Him:
‘Hear what this fool has said. After I have given him food and drink and he has become content, he forgets where it all came from. Everyday fools like this make themselves equal to me; but do I get angry and immediately punish them? No, I have pity on them and remember that I created them imperfect. If I should wish to reward him as I should for his folly, what am I not able to do with him? I



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