The Cat and Mouse Friendship

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Once upon a time, a certain cat had made friend with a mouse, and the cat had said so much to the mouse about the great love and friendship she felt for her. Soon after the mouse agreed that they should live together.
'But we must make a provision for the dry season, or else we shall suffer from hunger, and you, little mouse, cannot go everywhere, or you will be caught in a trap some day.' The cat advised.
The good advice was followed, and a pot of honey was bought, but they did not know where to put it. After much consideration, the cat said:
'I know no place where it will be better stored up than in the church, because no one dares steal anything away from there. We will put it under the altar, and we will not touch it until we are really in need of it.' So the pot was placed in safety, under the church altar. But not long thereafter, the cat had a great desire for the honey, and said to the mouse:
'I want to tell you something, little mouse; my cousin has given birth to a little son, and has asked me to be godmother; so I shall be attending the christening of the baby at the church. Let me go out today, and you look after the house by yourself.
'Yes, yes, by all means go, and if you get anything very good to eat, think of me. I should like a drop of sweet wine from the christening myself.’ answered the mouse.
All this, however, was untrue; the cat had no cousin, and had not been asked to be godmother. She went straight to the church, and to the pot of honey. He took off the lid and licked the top of the honey off. Then she took a walk on the roofs of the town, looked out for some more food. Later, she stretched herself in the sun, and licked her lips whenever she thought of the pot of honey, and not until it was evening did she return home.
'Well, here you are again, no doubt you have had a merry day.’ said the mouse.
'All went off well' answered the


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