Ali The Crafty Storyteller.

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Once upon a time , in the city of Tunis, there was a great king who had no work to do. Every day, and all day long, he sat on soft cushions and listened to stories. And no matter what the story was about, he never grew tired of hearing it, even though it was very long.
"There is only one fault that I find with your story," he often said: "it is too short."
All the story-tellers in the world were invited to his palace; and some of them told tales that were very long indeed. But the king was always sad when a story was ended.
At last he sent word into every city and town and country place in the world, offering a prize to any one who should tell him an endless tale.
"To the man that will tell me a story which shall last forever, I will give my beautiful daughter Nabila, for his wife; and I will make him my heir, and he shall be king after me.", he said.
But this was not all. He added a very hard condition. "If any man shall try to tell such a story and then fail, he shall have his head cut off."
Nabila, the king's daughter was very pretty, and there were many young men in that country who were willing to do anything to win her. But none of them wanted to lose their heads, and so only a few tried for the prize.
One young man invented a story that lasted three months; but at the end of that time, he could think of nothing more, and his head was cut off. (ouch!)
His fate was a warning to others, and it was a long time before another story-teller was so rash as to try the king's patience.
But one day Ali, an adventurous young man, from the city of Tripoli far away came into the palace.
"Great king," he said, "is it true that you offer a prize to the man who can tell a story that has no end?"
"It is true," said the king.
"And shall this man have your beautiful daughter for his wife, and shall he be your heir?"
"Yes, if he succeeds,"


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